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Water damage restoration

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Cleaning Services in Bridgeport, CT

Welcome to 777 Kleaning & Renovation Services, the top rated cleaning services company in Bridgeport, CT. Here at 777 Kleaning, we offer commercial, residential, and emergency cleaning services on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week basis. Our team, led by Mr. Klean Dean, have been helping keep the homes and businesses of Bridgeport, CT spic and span for many years. Not only do we get everything klean, but we help you with a plan to keep things sparkling for the future. There is no kleaning job we can’t perform, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results!

We Klean Korners, Not Kut Them: Our Cleaning Services in Bridgeport, CT

Here at 777 Kleaning Services, we proudly offer an extensive list of commercial cleaning services, as well as residential cleaning services in the Bridgeport, CT area. Not only does Mr. Klean Dean and his team klean the korners of your home or business, but we make sure to leave no korner unturned. Every kleaning job we do in the Bridgeport, CT area leaves our clients in awe at their new space. From ridding your home or business from tile grout, to kleaning your leather or upholstery furniture, Dean and his Klean team get things looking sparkling new for your Bridgeport home or business. Some of our most popular kleaning services include:

Fairfield county Water damage restoration

Mold Remediation

Detecting mold in the home is merely the first step in mold remediation. It is vital that as soon as any mold is found in your Bridgeport, CT home or business, you call us to remove it. Not only does mold build up cause unpleasant odors, it is a breeding ground for potential disease. Dean and his Klean team want to help keep you, your family, and your staff safe and healthy. If you suspect any mold is growing in your Bridgeport, CT home or business, please call us right away!

Fire damage restoration

Emergency Kleaning

Sometimes accidents happen, leaving your Bridgeport, CT home or business in a mess that seems impossible to remedy. Don’t despair, the team at 777 Kleaning and Home Improvement is there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help professionally klean any mess that seems too hard to handle. We also proudly offer damage restoration services for your home or business if something has been ruined or broken. No matter the level of emergency, Dean and his Klean Team are here to provide emergency cleaning services in Bridgeport, CT day or night!

Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Dean and his Klean Team don’t just klean your home or business in Bridgeport, CT, we also help you put things back together after an emergency like a flood or a fire. When a flood, fire, or tropical storm affects your home or business, it can be quite unnerving. The process we use at 777 Kleaning is fast, easy, and available 24/7. Our team has extensive experience in kleaning and repairing homes and businesses that have been affected by accidents. The water removal process we use will get your home, business, and belongings dry in no time. The process we use includes not only drying, but dehumidifying, deodorization, and mold removal as well. We guarantee that we can restore your building and belongings in no time at all!

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If you are in need of professional cleaning services in the Bridgeport, CT area, please get in touch with us today! We can provide you with a “no-kost” consultation right over the phone, or you can fill out the form below. The team at 777 Kleaning Services looks forward to helping you get your home or business sparkling klean!

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